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Rowena says:  "...my lifelong love of music and of singing lead me to embark upon the path of a singer and writer of songs.  I was trained for the opera, which then lead to singing jazz, pop, R&B rock and to the obvious outlet as a writer of songs...  I am a member of ASCAP.  I have had hundreds of songs published, of which I am composer of both lyrics and music.   Have been a staff songwriter for three different (2 very well known) publishing companies in Memphis and Nashville, TN. 

    I have had five albums released (as a singer/song-writer) in various forms of music - from R&B rock (my 1st album) to Jazz/Blues/Rock (my 2nd album) to British style Gothic/pop/ rock, (3rd & 4th) to Goddess oriented, Organic, New Age Gothic, "My Mother's Song", (my 5th) to my latest, Gothic/Wiccan/Pagan/cinematic... Scandinavian influenced Rock -- "Rowena of the Glen", (my 6th & current album project) 

    "Rowena of the Glen" is the name of my band...  I am currently also singing and writing for an excellent Blues/Rock band, "Howlin' at the Moon" here In Nashville. 

    I have written a (Musical) screen play - with both music and narration completely recorded, narrated and performed - "New Orleans 1967".   And a ballet-operetta - "Alekzandr & Aloyosha" - which is recorded, narrated and performed as an audio book, and in an illustrated book form, with extensive artwork by Carla Ray Langford.  Neither of these have been "Signed" as of yet.  Of course, I would love to share these with you too..."

Rowena Whaling Album          Book of Shadows album

"Dark, moody, witchy, ROCK with overtones of voodoo, jazz and world music... bitter-sweet songs -- powerful melodies and sultry vocal performances over a muscular rhythm section and tribal drumming all set soaring by spectacular GOTHIC guitars...

This music will haunt your very soul."

Ember - Keeper of the Fire

Witch's Brew cover" The Witch's Brew"
featuring Rowena of the Glen!

This is a very well done and beautiful magazine.  Besides the front (and rear) cover, there is a feature article on songwriter, singer, autor and poet Rowena Whaling.  In addition to the article, the magazine features a 1/4 page ad of Rowena's beautiful 'Voices of the Stars' bookmark in each issue going forward.  The print version of this magazine really is a beautiful thing, with very heavy stock and laser printed covers.

Keep checking this web site and sign the guest book!  Rowena will love to hear from you!  There will be news and fun articles about turning the Wheel of the Year -- what to do within each Moon cycle -- and new poetry as well.  Every now and then she will put a song up for a free download.  As her gift to you!

Rowena Whaling also has Goddess t-shirts, and coming soon, her own deck of “Oracle of the Spirits” Cards!  Items will be listed on the "Order" page as they come available.

Of course, her book web site is linked with this one.  Check it out!  There you will be able to read all about her new novels. 

Finally, be sure to connect with Rowena Whaling on Facebook.  You can always find out her newest musical musings and adventures on her Facebook Music page.

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