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For the album  "My Mother's Song":

"Arising from the mists of the Dragonstone Sanctuary comes this musical offering by its High Priestess, Rowena of the Glen. Rowena sends forth her cauldron of magical, mystical and dark elements in this CD and weaves a spell that is haunting and unforgettable. Those who know her personally know these songs to be a reflection of the spiritual depth of this priestess of the craft. There is no other like her in this earthly realm.

Her offerings raise a tempest of emotions ranging from the gentle rememberance of Mother Earth's eternal love, to the angry rage of womankind at being spiritually suppressed in "The Traveler", and then redeemed by the power of magic in "Saved." "I Am The Altar," announces that womankind is truly the real manifestation of "She who is all things."

If you are yearning for and have been listening for the Dark Mother's Call, it is here.... She is here... and She Rocks!!! "

GreyOwl Shadowdancer, friend and fellow traveler

Once in a while a CD emerges that just strikes a cord in you. This is one such CD. From the first track to the last it carries you to the darker side of the Goddess. There is much musick and song about the light side but little of the dark. We have to remember that the Goddess has 2 faces both equal. Rowena reminds us of this in this very well conceived first CD."


"Rowena’s voice... earthly and erotic themes... deeply emotive lyrics...

Lyrics of "The Witching Hour" open this album with a PAGAN-WORLD music approach.  "Elaina Maria" appears influenced by early David Bowie as in "Space Oddity" or "We Are The Dead". At times, Rowena’s voice descends into the vocal range of harder rock music icons while maintaining the more earthly and erotic themes of the rock 'n' roll groove.

Egyptian picto-graphics illustrate the 22 panel cd booklet. Rocking along in a lovely cadence, excellent blues rock guitar riffs on "My Mother's Song" combine with deeply emotive lyrics to provide a sweet maternal tribute. .... Rowena bares the vocal fruits of Janis Joplin in a blend of other influences..."

Gothic Beauty Magazine --- Aug. 20033

I like to listen to 70s hard rock in my car when I need to keep awake.  But it has to be the good stuff.  When I put this CD in my player and headed down the road, I knew the good stuff was back, in spades.  I'm no expert on exact genres of rock, but I know the sounds I like, those that call back the best memories and bring me alive.  And Rowena's gravelly singing voice, which reminds me of Tom Waits and Bonnie Tyler, is well suited to the style of music she does so well.

Then I really checked out her lyrics.  (I did have to do this online; the lyrics included in the CD case are almost unreadable.)  These are something else again.  Most rock lyrics are inane.  Rowena's words have an earthy sensuality that brings me right into the midnight dance with her, combined with deep metaphysical wisdom and full engagement in the important questions of life.  This is music with life and meaning--songs I can listen to over and over again and not tire of, as I find something new in them on each hearing.

Christina Dickson - Episcopal Kabalist

For the album "Book of Shadows":

Rowena continues her remarkable music and lyrics in this newer collection of life-filled, sensual, and thoughtful music that chronicles a year (or more) in her outer and inner life.  Many of the songs on this CD evoke love relationships in all their many stages and dimensions.  Everything I've said about the music and lyrics in My Mother's Song is just as true of Book of Shadows, and I'm so thankful to have twice as many of her wonderful songs about joy, pain, love, and the universe.  She is unafraid to share with all her listeners what is deep inside her, and it strikes a chord in my own heart and soul.

She saved perhaps the best for last.  "The Cathedral" moves out of hard rock into a hushed and haunting chant in which her voice totally changes character and becomes deep and clear.  I follow a different religious tradition from hers--but at the end of this song, without even looking up the words, I understood and felt just what is "holy... holy... holy" to her.

Christina Dickson - Episcopal Kabalist

"La femme du New Orleans, witchy voodoo music, Poet extraordinaire, supermegafoxyawesomehot amazing vocalist, The Dark Mother Cometh - and she rocks!"


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